The following are the positions that Misty Rain Scans is currently recruiting:

  • Chinese [CH] -OPEN-
  • Japanese [JP] -URGENT-
  • Korean [KR] -OPEN-
  • Vietnamese [VT] -CLOSED-

    • Cleaners [CL] -OPEN-
    • Typesetters [TS] -OPEN-
    • Editors [ED] -OPEN-
    • Redrawers [RD]  -URGENT-
    • Quality Checkers [QC] -CLOSED-

    • Proofreaders [PR] -OPEN-
    • Web Designers: Blog or Forum [WD] -CLOSED-
    • Raw Providers [RP] -OPEN-
    • Scanners [SC] -CLOSED-

      Tests can be sent to:

      Please include the following information along with your test:

      Preferred Username:
      Time Zone:
      Time Schedule: [Full Time?] or [Part Time?]
           [Full Time - 2 Chapters per month]
           [Part Time - 1 Chapter per month]
      Previous experience: [Where? Got any examples to show us?]
      What brought you to Misty Rain Scans: 
      Project of preference to work on:
      Projects you prefer not to work on: [Smut, Horror, Etc.]
      Prefer assign work THROUGH: [Email?] or [PM in Forum?] or [Other suggestions?]
      Photoshop: Yes or No? [Required for CL, TS, ED, RD, and QC positions]

      To be a Translator, you should be able to...

      • You have to be fluent in both English and Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Japanese.
      • Missing translations are first priority.
      • When someone PM's you about a missing translation, please respond promptly.

      We really need translators right now! If you want to see our projects released quickly, then please APPLY for a position if you can translate!

      Vietnamese Translator Test:

      To be a Proofreader, you should be able to...

      • You have to know English very well.
      • Good at noticing errors in spelling and correct the word.
      • Fix sentences with the correct punctuation
      • Rephrase the sentences to flow better in English sentence
      • Check for grammars like tenses and nouns

      Proofreader Test: TBA

      To be a Cleaner, you should be able to...

      • Change image to grayscale
      • Change the H (Height) to 1200
      • NEED 3 LAYERS: Background, Background Copy, Level Layer
      • Rename IMAGE by 001, 002, 003, 004, 005, etc... [With three digits number]
      • Cleaners should be able to clean the easier SFX and BACKGROUND TEXTS.
      • Clean specks of dusts (if there is any)
      • Crop a double page into a single page (if one page have two images together)
      • Straighten the page [Rotate the image if the page is not straight]
      • Level the image into accurate black/white/grey settings
      • Erase text in bubbles
      • ALWAYS save in PSD

      You don't have to be perfect. Relax and try your best :) 
      If you need some help or have any questions, then please feel free to ask! :) 

      To be a Typesetter, you should be able to...

      • Make sure everything goes accordingly to the translations that are provided for you.
      • Center text properly into bubbles using the correct font and size.
      • Match the English SFX as closely as possible to the RAW SFX.
      • ALWAYS typeset over any uncleaned SFX because the Quality Checker WILL clean them.
      • ALWAYS SAVE IN PSD [EASIER for the Quality Checker to FIX errors]
      • EDIT (07-20-2014): Please SAVE a copy in a PNG file [EASIER for the Quality Checker to CHECK]
      • Make a note of MISSING TRANSLATIONS (if there are any).

      You don't have to be perfect. Relax and try your best :) 
      If you need some help or have any questions, then please feel free to ask! :) 

      To be an Editor, you should be able to...

      • Complete all steps requirements for the Cleaners and Typesetters.
      • We most likely WILL NOT assign you to clean AND typeset a chapter, but you should be able to switch readily between these two positions.

      Editor Test: Complete the Cleaner AND Typesetter tests

      To be a Redrawer, you should be able to...

      • Remove the original SFX or other misc text (watermarks, narration, etc.).
      • Redraw the missing art. [Requires knowledge of the clone tool and the pen tool.]
      • Make a copy of the clean layer and do all redraws in this copy.
      • ALWAYS save in PSD

      You don't have to be perfect. Relax and try your best :) 
      If you need some help or have any questions, then please feel free to ask! :) 

      You are only required to complete ONE test (b&w or color), depending on your preference. You may do both if you wish.

      Redrawer Test [Greyscale]: [Black and White Scans]:

      Redrawer Test [Color]: [Color Pages]:

      To be a Quality Checker, you should be able to...

      • Check over all work: Proofreading, Cleaning, Typesetting
      • Need to know proficient English to read over the translations the second time and make changes (if needed).
      • Fix any cleaning mistakes - improper leveling, clean any remaining dust, straighten pages (if needed), resize the image (if needed), etc.
      • Fix any typesetting mistakes - too big, wrong font, not centered, typos, etc.
      • Redraw any SFX or other text that remain [IMPORTANT!]
      • Fill out a credit page for the chapter
      • Paste MRS watermark on several of the pages
      • Add in a disclaimer and recruitment page
      • Save the PSDs as PNGs and upload

      Quality Checker Test: NO TEST! We are only recruiting EXPERIENCED Quality Checkers.
      Please send us some examples of your work! ^_^