July 18, 2013Ska

Hi everyone I'm really tired here where i live is 1:43 a.m and I'm really tired this release was supposed to be yesterday but anyway I'm here with it ... But before that I'm going to show you the image of this release

why is that the image? well because while i was qcing this chapter i felt that way, I even thinked i wouldn't make it till the end  but i did!! c5

here are the annoucements IS IMPORTANT PLEASE READ!!

We are looking for: 

  • CHINESE highly needed
  • JAPANESE highly needed
  • KOREAN for series like HEART TO GIVE we are crazy looking for them so PLEASE APPLY!!

  • CLEANERS you don't need to have experience 
  • TYPESETTERS you don't have to have experience. so PLEASE APPLY!! 
PROOFEADERS: with great grammar

QUALITY CHECKERS: we REALLY need them. :0171: <-- this is me asking for staff

REMEMBER: you want to get more releases and faster and you don't even help in anything, then don't dare to even think in ask for more releases, and if you really want you can help us in two way being staff or being a good reader and saying thanks to all the satff for their wonderful work. We wouldn't be able to do it without you so THANKS for being staff here!!

Now for all the people that read ALL the things i wrote here is your reward:

New bishies and they are 3 of them and are so manly and handsome I'm crazy about them!! And they are all from one of our favorites mangaka NANAJI Nagamu:

Aruitou Chapter 2 we are going to see parts of the trueself of our protagonist!!

see you soon I hope!!

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  1. Thank you so much for all your hard work and continuing to feed my manga addiction. Greatly appreciate you guys taking time out of your day to volunteer and share your work with us!!!

    Thank you a ton!

    Best regards,