Thanksgiving Release

November 28, 2013patti c

I discovered two similar images in our releases today...

Fuuko = meat?

Today, those of us living in the United States celebrate Thankgiving Day. We share good food with our friends and family and give thanks. Here at Misty Rain Scans we are thankful for... the wonderful people who dedicate their lives to creating the comics that we love, the hardworking staff past and present who have helped us bring those comics to a wider range of fans and the readers who support us and give us motivation by letting us know that they appreciate what we do. To show a bit of OUR THANKS to all of you we have two new releases. ^^ Please enjoy Parfait Tic! Chapter 124 and Moknanahui Honeymoon Diary Chapter 2. (MHD Ch. 2 was a joint effort between Misty Rain Scans and Rosa Negra.)

A big THANK YOU to everyone for the hard work!
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