School is now in session

August 11, 2014Rose Salvatore

For most people school has begun or its going to start next week, heck it might have started last week! And as most fans of manga know... School = Slower Releases. Luckily for our readers we will still steadily release chapters. That's actually a big promise ^^;;

Among other things such as zombie-ing your way through classes or trying to do everything humanly possible during your last week of summer. Enjoy reading some new chapters of For Alice, Mou Speed de Karera, and possibly a mystery chapter. This is going to be the official completion of Mou Speed de Karera. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did~

Misty Rain Scans still recruiting for more staffs:

Chinese [URGENT]
Korean [URGENT]
Japanese [URGENT]

Cleaners [URGENT]
Typesetters [URGENT]
Editors [URGENT]
Redrawers [URGENT]

Please send a message to Misty Rain Scans email if anyone is interested.

Thank You! ^_^

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