Heart to Give Chapter 5 & Announcement

September 19, 2014patti c

Our second release today is: Heart to Give Chapter 5.
Thanks to BlackHorus, we are finally able to release this chapter of HTG!

However, with this release we are also announcing that we will soon be dropping this project as it has recently been licensed in English by NetComics. Since Chapters 6 & 7 are already to the Quality Check stage and we don't want our staff's hard work to go to waste, we will be dropping Heart to Give after we release Chapter 7. So if you have enjoyed this series so far, please support Wann and buy the official English version when it becomes available.

Remember to visit our forum to download our releases and please respect our THREE DAY WAITING PERIOD before uploading our releases to any manga host sites. Thank you! Enjoy!

We are also recruiting the following:
Japanese Translators HIGHLY NEEDED
Korean Translators NEEDED
Chinese Translators NEEDED
Vietnamese Translators NEEDED
Typesetters NEEDED
Cleaners NEEDED

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