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Aruitou Chapter 15

September 03, 2015patti c

We have a new release for our readers today: Aruitou Chapter 15.

Aruitou is a joint project with Summer Rain Scans, so a big thank you goes out to them for their hard work. Also, a huge thank you to Paula from Mangalator for allowing us to use her translations from here onward.  Of course a big thanks to all of our wonderful staff who helped work on this chapter also! If you'd like to help us work on Aruitou, we're currently recruiting typesetters - no experience required!

Remember to visit our forum to download our releases and please respect our THREE DAY WAITING PERIOD before uploading our releases to any manga host sites. Thank you! Enjoy!

Misty Rain Scans is, as always, recruiting. We are especially in need of translators (Japanese and Chinese) and typesetters!   Please visit our recruitment page or contact us at if you're interested in joining us!

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  1. I really appreciate the effort and the will to continue on translating Aruitou. I like the particular story setting and the characters, especially the lively Kuko. The lack of superficiality and the joyful or aching experiences of everyday life throughout Aruitou is amazing. I admire the sensibility of the author. Albeit I dislike the romance triangle/fourangle's clich�
    Thank you very much Misty Rain Scans and Paula of Raffmanga who provide the previous scans. I'm waiting for next releases! ��