The Mythical Realm Chapter 11 [New Joint Project]

August 23, 2017Unknown

Hello Everyone,
How is everyone tonight?
We are releasing one chapter for tonight only.
The first is The Mythical Realm Chapter 11.

The Mythical Realm is a joint project with Meraki Scans. Please visit their page and thanks them for their hardwork too~!!! Please enjoy reading these two chapters. Please thanks the staffs for their hard work that we are able to release these chapters for everyone tonight. Have fun reading and take care, everyone. ^_^

REMINDER: Misty Rain Scans does not mind if anyone [READERS, BOTS, and ETC.] uploads our releases to other mangahost sites. HOWEVER, PLEASE WAIT THREE DAYS later to upload our releases to other sites such as Mangafox, Mangahere, Batoto, Mangareader, et cetera... So, please RESPECT OUR RULES and DO NOT UPLOAD within that time period.

Misty Rain Scans is still recruiting for ALL the following positions:

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Vietnamese (Closed)

Cleaners (Need)
Editors (Open)
Typesetters (Urgent)
Redrawers (Open)
Quality Checkers -Experiences- (Urgent)

Proofreaders (2 Open Positions)
Scanners (Closed)
Raw Providers (Closed)

If you are interested in joining our group, please head to our recruitment thread for more information or contact us at our email at for a quicker response.

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