Dream Girl Moonlight on the Lake

Happy Birthday

July 04, 2018Dani Rose

Tonight is going to be so much fun~!!! Aside from going to the carnival, today is the one night out of the summer that the sky is lit up with a bunch of colorful fireworks~
I hope everyone has as much fun as I do today :)

Oh! Enjoy the final six chapters of season 1 of Dream Girl, chapters 6-8 of Moonlight on the Lake and chapter 8 of Real My Way >w<!!!

I literally forgot that I hadn't released the final chapters of Dream Girl until just now... ^^;; oops

Surprise, surprise~ Its also happens to be Misty Rain Scans 5th anniversary year... wow! Its been five years already. Thank you to all our staff and readers for staying with us!

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  2. How to read this translator...i really don't get it?