Moonlight on the Lake My Beast

the End is just the Beginning

January 12, 2019Dani Rose

Good morning everyone~

So today's chapters will be for the end of December 2018 and the beginning of January 2019.
For your enjoy we will be releasing... *inserts drumroll*

Ouke no Monshou ch 106
Shui Shen Qi Hui Juan ch 4
Scholar Who Walks the Night ch 56-58
My Beast ch 5
Moonlight on the Lake ch 13-14

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  1. how do i even read them im so confused

    1. You can read the chapters by going to their forum and registering but you have to make 8 posts first to become a reader, then it'll be available to you :) There's more information in the forum

  2. AMAZING! i cant wait for more "Shui Shen Qi Hui Juan"! :D