Finally First Release: Parfait Tic! Chapter 118

May 30, 2013Ame Maho

Hello Everyone!!!

Misty Rain Scans is back into the scanlation world again.
We will present our first release today after a long HIBERNATION!!!
The release will be in our forum. So, head to our forum to get our first release.

Misty Rain Scans is recruiting for more staffs: URGENT NEED - Translators (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and Vietnamese); Cleaners; Editors; Redrawers; and Typesetters. Please come and join us to release more chapters.

NOTE: Our translator misinterpret that Chapter 118 of Parfait Tic! is the next chapter (Chapter 119). Furthermore, our translator work hard on the translating and cleaning; our proofreader work hard proofreading every grammar; and our typesetter work hard typesetting it within a day or two; and finally our quality checker work hard to check for every mistakes. So, we are already halfway before finally figure it out that this chapter  already been released. At the end, Misty Rain Scans will release our own version since our staffs have work hard on this chapter. Do not worry though, the actual chapter 119 is in the middle of Quality Check so it will be release soon. The rest of the series will be coming soon in the near future. Have fun reading and look forward to more release from us. Thanks.

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  1. thank you very much for do this serie !! I love it!
    I thought I'd never see the end

  2. can't wait for the next chapter!! Keep it up!! :D