B2S outbreak --- Help Me!

August 08, 2013Rose Salvatore

Haven't released anything in a while... 
Could everyone have possibly disappeared after the dreaded B2S outbreak?! Am I all alone in this empty desert hideout (commonly known as our Southwest base.) TT^TT Its so cold... Debating rather I should burn the unreleased chapters on the dwindling fire or not. 
Nah! I have to survive this outbreak! They'll come back soon enough and communications will be back up once everyone settles down. 
Oh sorry I forgot to mention the details of the outbreak. B2S, better known as Back 2 School, the most dreaded disaster for all the summer loving students around the world. A time when everyone is shackled down by homework, pop quizzes, and parent's expectations of their child to be the best!

Neko8 logged in.
Anyone out there still?

Izumi0088 logged in.
Come in Neko... Neko, are you there?!

The little purple letters flicker across the chat screen. Grabbing a hold of the mouse I click on the page and begin furiously typing away. I found someone... It's the Top Boss of HQ, Izumi! 

B2S will be over soon. Hold down the hideout. Everyone should be coming back soon. Have to go. Bye! 

Izumi0088 signed out.
Neko8 signed out.

Well I shall do as the Top boss says, so fear not I won't burn the new releases. Even though fall desert nights can get really cold... I must sacrifice my well being to release these awesome chapters filled with the heart-warming love and care of Misty Rain's staff. 

Special thanks to our hardworking translators and Shnitzyl >.< sorry for always throwing everything on you! Also thanks Patti for your hard work too!!!
I hope everyone likes the credit pages for Shnitzyl and Kissuji. ^^'

Without further ado' here is the oneshot...

 <-- Tsuyukaoru by Yamamori Mika

Go to the forum > releases > oneshots 
to find the download links.

Special Happy Birthday to all our August birthday people! Have a wonderful birthday filled with Carrot Cake!!!

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