Happy Birthday Neko-chan

August 16, 2013Ska

Hello everyone, we are happy to say that one of our beautyfull admins is celebrating her birthday!! I know it was the 8th of this month but here I am with your give!! Ihope you like it!!

Naranjahizz: Happybirthday!!
Izumi88: Happy Birthday!! i hope you have got many give!!
Naranjahizz: My give is more work sorry Neko!! TT^TT
Neko: Please don't talk about work
Naranjahizz: Sorry!!
Neko: What are you really going to give me Naran??!!
Naranjahizz: Well, a chapter where you didn't work, so you can enjoy it :D
Neko: I hope is a goood chapter >>
Naranjahizz: It is!!
Izumi88: Just relax and enjoy neko!!
Naranjahizz: Thinking ... **Enjoy only for today, because tomorrow is a ton of work waiting for you at your desk in MRS'** -->Smirk

Have been a couple of weeks since the last time i did a release's topic well i have good news!!

we have a NEW project it on our ongoing list and it is parararararararararararara...........

Fallen Flower!! by Ryan -> I love this manhuaka's work

Fallen Flower Chapter 1 this chapter have 80 pages!! is like two chaps in one, enjoy it, is going to get better :D **I officially HATE the old lady** and she's from the past beside her life's love!! so romantic and sweet!!

Thanks to: Junichiro, shynitzyl, Patti., Bitterswe3t, Naranjahizz. For the hard work in this long chapter!!

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  1. I just read the new chapter, and it was sooo awesome, i'm totally hooked. love the characters the story line, everything. and I also loveeeeeeeee that the chapter was soo loong made it sooo much more enjoyable to read.

    a huge thanks to all the people who worked on this release