Parfait Tic! Chapter 137

June 11, 2014patti c

Our second release today is Parfait Tic chapter 137. A huge thank you to all of the wonderful staff who worked hard on this chapter! Remember to visit our forum to download our releases and please respect our three day waiting period before uploading our releases to any manga host sites. Thank you! Enjoy!

Also, Misty Rain Scans is looking for:
Korean Translators (badly needed, top priority)
Japanese translators (needed)
Chinese Translators (needed)
Vietnamese Translators (needed)

In addition, please make DONATIONS so that Misty Rain Scans will be able to purchase raw for our future projects. Our DONATION button is on the right side! ^_^ You can look in the future projects to see what we have in mind. Also, anyone can suggest any new projects on our future projects page. Even if you donate a little bit, MRS will very appreciate your kindness. Thank You!

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