Release T.R.A.P

T.R.A.P. chapter 20!

June 03, 2014Mika

Hello! Today, Misty Rain Scans has a brand new project for release! Please DO NOT take off the credit page.  We bring you T.R.A.P. chapter 20! (Chapters 1-19 were done by other groups.) This was a joint with Forgotten Scans so be sure to check them out and thank them also! Another big thanks to our staff who helped us with this project! Remember to check out the forum to download, and remember our three day waiting period before uploading to manga host sites! Thanks!

Misty Rain Scans is still looking for:
Korean Translators (Urgent)
Japanese Translators (Urgent)
Redrawers (Urgent)
Chinese Translators (Urgent)
Vietnamese Translators (Needed) 
Email us at for more info, or look at our recruit tab.

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  1. Thanks!! Been waiting for this series to be picked up by someone for so long, you guys just delivered!!!!