Late New Year Releases~ Yeonmo Ch 33 & 34

January 02, 2016Unknown

Hello Everyone~
I hope every single one of you have a great and happy new years. This is a few hours late, but Misty Rain Scans are releasing two more chapters for Yeonmo for a late New Year celebration. Thank you, Sweet Indulgent, and the wonderful staffs for releasing these two chapters tonight. Please head to our forum to check and download the releases. And, please head to Sweet Indulgent website to thanks them too. Have fun reading the releases, everyone and hope to see everyone another time. ^_^

Misty Rain Scans is in need of for the following:

Translators - Japanese [URGENT], Chinese [NEED], Korean [URGENT]
Editors willing to work on Webtoons or Grayscale (Cleaners & Typesetters)
Redrawers [Grayscale and Webtoons Scans]

If you're interested in joining our staff, please visit our recruitment page for more information!

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