Yeonmo V9 Ch 35 & 36

January 23, 2016Ame Maho

Hello Everyone, ^_^
Ehehe! Here we meet again. We meet so fast, huh? Just like the blink of an eye.
So again, how is everyone doing tonight? Is anyone still feeling cold? *AH CHOO!*
Bless me. *Cover blanket over myself* I do not like winter since it is so cold. TT_TT
So, take good care of yourselves everyone, especially where I am. -.-'

Enough chattering for tonight, so let's forward to the releases.
As for another night, Misty Rain Scans bring you another two releases.
First, Yeonmo V9 Ch 35 and Second, Yeonmo V9 Ch 36.
TA DA DA! With these two chapters, that is the end of another volume for Yeonmo.

This is a joint project with Sweet Indulgent, so please be sure to thanks them too.
I am so sorry to say this again that these two chapters should be release one week ago.
But, these redraws are very complicated so I have to postpone them until now.
I am very sorry for releasing them so late. Phew~ *Wipe Sweats* -.- ' *Wipe Sweats Again*

Please head to our forum to check and download the new releases. Also, please be sure to thanks the wonderful staffs who have worked hard to releases these two chapters tonight. In addition, please head to Sweet Indulgent websites and thanks them for their hard work too.  Everyone, please have fun reading these releases. Take care and see everyone another time.

REMINDER: Misty Rain Scans does not mind if anyone [READERS, BOTS, and ETC.] uploads our releases to other mangahost sites. HOWEVER, PLEASE WAIT THREE DAYS later to upload our releases to other sites such as Mangafox, Mangahere, Batoto, Mangareader, et cetera... So, please RESPECT OUR RULES and DO NOT UPLOAD within that time period.

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  1. oh my goodness thank you for this release <3 one more volume to go! (i'm so excited to know what happens HUHUHU)