Dream Girl

Dream Girl Chapters 3 & 4

July 26, 2016Ame Maho

Good evening everyone~
Sorry about all the confusion around this project... We're not doing the original one, we're actually working on the remake so a few things might be a little confusing at first.

Anyways we're proud to announce that the next two chapters have been added to the releases on the forum. We want to release a chapter of this new project every week.

Little reminder:
We would really love one or two editors and a redrawer experienced in webtoons to help with this project and some other upcoming webtoons~ ^^;;

Thanks for taking the time to read this everyone >w< enjoy the new chapters.

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  1. oohhhh thank you so much for picking up this series!
    i read the first ch. of it a long time ago and i really liked it!
    thank you so much for taking it up! <3

    1. I also love this work ai thank all of the staff who worked so hard for this to happen...OH MY GOD I am so elated right now! anyway more power guys and I hope you continue this work!