For Alice Ouke no Monshou

Ouke no Monshou and For Alice

July 18, 2016Dani Rose

Hooray~!!! A new chapter to the "when the fudge will Carol escape Babylon?" story arc is available on the forum, so stop by and check it out.

Also we'll try to release ONM on a monthly basis ^^;; and to do so our friends at Mystic Mizuki really need some more typesetters to help with this project. The main problem we're running into with this project is the lack of typesetters.

More typesetters = Faster Releases

And chapter 16 of For Alice too...
On second thought, make that chapter 16 and 17. XD a double release~ I really hope everyone will enjoy these new additions to the storyline and send their love to Aru on Naver for this wonderfully creative webtoon (with my ultimate Hatter 2-D crush )

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