19th Century Dating was the Easiest!

Happy Halloween~

October 31, 2016Dani Rose

*inserts "Thriller" as background music*

First off... Happy Halloween everyone~
It's the end of October and the funniest day of the year when you can dress up an scare the fudge out of people or show off your awesome skills. Since it's Halloween we wanted to introduce a new webtoon...


19th Century Memoirs

It's a joint project with our friends Ramen Queen Scans. We hope everyone will enjoy it ^^

Now onto the releases for this spooky day~

We have Princess ch 30-31, 19th Century Memoirs ch 0-1, Mary Stayed Out All Night ch 31-35, Dream Girl ch 5-6, and Dating was the Easiest ch 11-12.

Try not to go too wild this Halloween and enjoy these wonderful new chapters in the forum with your bag of candy.

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  1. Hello

    Thanks a lot for the release and the hard work !
    "Mary stayed out all night" was already a pleasant surprise but now here is "Dream girl" !

    Really, thanks !

  2. I really like 19th Century Memoirs! Thanks :D

  3. I really enjoy reading your translation. Thank you so much for your hard work!

  4. hello guys ..
    what about 19th Century Memoir ?