Ouke no Monshou ch 91

October 21, 2016Dani Rose

Sorry about the delay in the release... Exams and studying  seems to be taking up more time than I originally thought. ^^;;

Anyways  onward to vol 17, chapter  91~  It's in the releases thread in the forum  >w<

We'll get to see more of my second least favorite bad guy, King Ragash, in this newest chapter. I miss Izumi and Memphis TT^TT

***Just  a little notice***
We desperately NEED a CHINESE or JAPANESE translator for this series!!!

We've literally used up all our available translations for this series and we won't be able to continue releases after vol 19.  So the project might just end up in HIATUS until we can get a translator.
***end of notice***

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  1. omg thankyou so much for scanning this series and translating it!!!!!