Furou Kyoudai

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe...

January 27, 2018Dani Rose

I choose... A completely unrelated to all of our projects special chapter.

Sigh... Since I got no response to the last post, I'm going to release an extra for Furou Kyoudai by Shiwasu, Yuki (author of Tama-chan).

Since I don't want to make it impossible to find in the forum, I will post the link directly below. Have a nice Saturday and come back Wednesday for some more fun ^^~

Furou Kyoudai extra 2 - click here link

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  1. Thanks for the release and for your hard work! We (readers) really appreciate it!!!����

  2. I forgot all about these cute twins! Wish the mangaka could do more volumes. Thanks for scanlating this extra!

  3. Aw sweet I wanted to see more of these two! Thanks for all your hard work :)