Real My Way Romansu Godankatsuyou

R for Romance...

January 17, 2018Dani Rose

Good day everyone~
Today we are going to release Real My Way ch 3 and Romansu Godan Katsuyou ch 18.

See you guys next Wednesday with another chapter of these series.

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  1. i like webtoon real my way, thank you for translate it

  2. Umm... about the last update of the chapters from Romansu Godankatsuyou by Kazuko Fujita, I hope the wait will be worthwhile unless We will know the release date of new chaptrs.

  3. Hi I've just discovered Real My Way on and saw that you guys are the one translating it, I want to thank you guys for your hard work if it doesn't bother you guys, the last update of the trans of real my way was 1 month ago. I just wanted you guys to know that there are still people who are reading the webtoons you guys are translating. Sorry for asking too much, but I really appreciate your hard works. Fighting